Haul Roads

Haul Roads

Setting your mining operations up for success

An on-time and on-budget mining project starts with the groundwork. We build haul roads that can be relied upon throughout your project, for efficient and safe transportation of your resources and heavy equipment. No matter how big your mining site, we’ll get it done efficiently and effectively.


Our expertise

We’ve been doing this day in and day out for over 45 years. With a huge, fully-owned fleet and our extensive in-house team of skilled operators, we work fast and we do a great job. Our wealth of experience in construction and mining give us the experience to assure you of our outcomes.

Haul Roads

Scope of capabilities

Wherever there are huge payloads of earthmoving and moulding required, Q Birt are there.

  • Haul road construction: we build haul roads to last, no matter how much weight and traffic they need to withstand.
  • Design: we use advanced design to create haul roads that will match your requirements, with minimal maintenance, optimal efficiency, and less dust.
  • Project management: we can construct and project manage the job, thanks to our amazing team of skilled managers and operators.
  • A huge plant of quality equipment: we are different because we own our own fleet. This speeds up the project, gives assurance on quality of delivery, and removes the question marks around timelines and budget.

Why choose QBirt for your Haul Roads project?

We’ll save you money by avoiding delays

For us, delivering a project on scope isn’t an exception. It’s a rule. Fewer links in the chain mean fewer chances for hiccups. By managing both work execution and project oversight, we are able to promise delivery outcomes. We commit to a price and time and then deliver that.

Integrity, reliability, and certainty

Our reputation stands on delivering as promised, without the common tendency to adjust scope and costs midway. We may not always be the cheapest upfront, but we usually are by the end.

We collaborate and add value

Our relationships with clients are built on collaboration. By being involved early, especially in design and constructability reviews, we bring unmatched value to each project.

Committed to quality

We blend traditional work ethics with cutting-edge machinery for peak efficiency and quality.

Get in touch with our Haul Roads team today

Whether you’re a professional in our field looking to embark on a truly rewarding career, an existing client who wants to get started on a new project or you’re a potential client looking to learn more — get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you.