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Prioritising people and culture

Safety, environment, people and quality are among our core values at QH&M Birt.

With an emphasis on the people.

Why work with us

What you can expect when you work for Q Birt

Our team is truly valued

Since QH&M Birt was founded over 50 years ago, we’ve never forgotten the value of our people. We know that our true strength lies not just in the machines we operate and the projects we do, but the people who make those projects and outcomes happen.

We have a large, national team of in-house experts across all areas of the civil construction world, united by a commitment to delivering excellent work that we can all be proud of.

Our culture values mutual respect, collaboration, and a dedication to delivering excellent results.

A longstanding team

Most of our team have been with us for years, from our engineers, managers and project managers to our operators. Many who joined us as graduates or apprentices have remained with us since.

We have incredibly low turnover rates for our industry. It’s quite simply because we make sure our team is a great one to work within.

A culture of excellence

Our culture is one where great work is rewarded, the effort put in is transparent, and our valuable people are surrounded by other valuable people.

Safety is our priority

For us, safety isn’t just a statement that we say or compliance we tick off. We embrace the importance of providing a safe workplace with a safety culture at every level. Because everyone has the right to be safe at work.

Working with us

We are one of the few in our industry that employ our own people and own our own equipment. Here’s why we’re confident you’ll want to be part of our team.

The projects we work on

We pioneer some of the biggest construction projects in Australia.

As one of Australia’s leading civil construction companies, we offer a huge number of opportunities to work on some of the biggest jobs in Australia. When you work with us, you work on projects that you’re proud to have been part of.

For our team, being able to say they made a huge impact on some of the biggest projects in Australia is a huge pride point.

The equipment we work with

At QH&M Birt, we own a large fleet. In fact, we have the largest privately owned scraper fleet in Australia and are among the top 5 globally for privately owned civil scraper fleets.

A long-term career

Whether you’re an engineer, surveyor, plant operator, administrator or in any other role within our team, your skills, dedication, experience, knowledge and hard work will be celebrated, appreciated and rewarded. It’s why so many of our team members have been with us for years, and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Great career progression

 A career with Q Birt is one where excellence is recognised and rewarded. You’ll be surrounded by other experts in your area, and you’ll be able to progress through your career as you should. There’s no need to subscribe to corporate politics or climb the ladder — you’ll be promoted as fast as your ability allows you.

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Working for QBirt

What our people have to say

We’re truly proud that the incredible people we work with love working with us. Our team takes pride in the job and the place.

Our team

Careers we offer

We have a large team of engineers, project managers, and operators, across Australia and offer many career opportunities.

We often have spots within our team for:

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We’re often looking for people to join our team. If you’d like to join the amazing work that we do at Q Birt see our latest job listings.

Job Listings

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We’re often looking for people to join our team. If you’d like to join the amazing work that we do at Q Birt, send us an expression of interest, or check out the roles we’re currently advertising on Seek.

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