About QBirt

Q H & M Birt

Who we are and what we stand for

As Australia’s leading civil earthmoving contractor we combine the professionalism and services of a sophisticated, top-tier contractor, with the competitiveness and intimacy of a family-owned business.

We deliver on our promises and our projects are never late.

Delivering for over 50 years

About us

Established in 1973, Q H & M Birt — otherwise known as QBirt — has built a legacy in civil construction that spans over five decades.

Operating across Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, and South Australia, we’ve delivered consistently, day in, day out, for over 50 years.

If you’d like to hear more about our rich history, check out our History page.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into Australia’s premier civil earthmoving force, owning the country’s largest fleet and ranking globally in scraper fleets.

But, while our massive in-house fleet sets us apart, what really makes us the best is our people.

Work with the best

Our people are our biggest strength

At QBirt, we believe in the power of our people.

We have an extensive, highly-skilled team of experts, from management, engineers and project managers to our expert operators driving the project outcomes from the ground.

All of our team members are directly employed by us. And whilst our head office is in QLD we have people from all over Australia delivering our projects. This means that when you work with us, you work with the best, and you get project outcome certainty.

With an average service length of 2 years for our 160 operational employees and 5 years for our management team, our staff’s loyalty and professionalism are unmatched.

Equipped to handle anything

The best equipment in-house

When it comes to equipment, we don’t mess around. We’ve got the biggest civil earthmoving fleet in Australia, and the most scrapers in the southern hemisphere. Our in-house maintenance team ensures that we maximise the availability of our expansive fleet.

What this means is that we’re equipped to handle anything, especially projects with lots of earth to move.

We are collaborators

Our approach

We are not just constructors or project managers. We are collaborators. And we manage and complete a project, from start to finish.

Our approach is built on forming lasting partnerships with our clients, often starting from the early stages of design and constructability reviews.

We value early involvement as it paves the way for innovative solutions, cost savings, and better results.We ensure that every project gets the maximum benefit from the collective experience and expertise of our extensive team, our versatile fleet of plant and equipment, and the insight that comes with decades of successfully delivering big projects.

The QBirt values

Consistent quality

Our track record of successful, high-quality projects speaks for itself. We deliver a high-quality product every time.

Safety-first culture

Safety isn’t just about compliance for us; it’s a culture. Everyone deserves to clock out safe and sound, and we ensure they do.

Environmental and cultural preservation

With every project, we hold a deep respect for the land we work on and the communities that call it home. We recognise our responsibility to help minimise each project’s overall footprint and respect cultural heritage, local communities, and local environments.

On time and on budget are business as usual for us

What shocks new people working with us the most is that for us, staying ahead of project deadlines and keeping within an agreed budget (and not getting you hooked then asking for more) are just standard to us. We stick to our promises as a baseline.

We value our people

Since our humble beginnings decades ago, we’ve never forgotten that our people are our biggest asset. We value great work, and we reward good people. It’s why such a large proportion of our team has been with us for so many years.

We believe in doing right by our clients

There’s a reason that more than half of our business is repeat business. We stand by traditional business values and always do our best to do right by our clients. We strive to always produce quality work, stick to the budget, keep our promises, and deliver within agreed timelines.

Prequalified and proven

Our accreditations

As a leading Australian civil construction company, we ensure we’re always certified, compliant with QLD Government laws (and other state, territory and national laws).

We are pre qualified and accredited for:

This means we’re trusted to handle complex projects and deliver great results and proves our capability to deliver complex projects.

We of course also have all of the ISO and AS certifications for OHS, Quality, and Environment management systems.


The proof is in our work

Our clients certify us too

Our clients also certify us with their repeat business, which makes up more than half of our work. Our clients keep coming back because we consistently provide certainty, integrity, and reliability.

Get in touch with our leading civil construction team today

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