Building roads across Australia

At Q Birt, roads are our thing. We’ve been in the business for over 47 years, managing and constructing all kinds of roads across Australia. Big jobs, small jobs, complicated jobs – we’ve got them covered, from start to finish.


Our expertise

Whether it’s connecting roads or constructing bitumen-sealed roads, our experience ensures we can handle projects of any scale or complexity.

We specialise in projects with a high proportion of bulk earthmoving. We’ve made our mark on roads all over Australia, including the Bruce Highway at Gympie.


Scope of capabilities

We don’t just focus on the earthworks. We deliver comprehensive road construction solutions – from the initial groundwork to the final touches like bitumen sealing, guard posts, and rails. Our commitment to doing the whole job, and doing it exceptionally well, sets us apart.

  • Prequalified by Main Roads to R3, B2, F150+ 
  • Proven capability to deliver complex projects 
  • More than half of our work is repeat business
  • This shows that our clients back our quality.

Why choose QBirt for your Roads project?

On-time, on-budget

We know the true cost isn’t about the initial price tag, but the final one. We ensure that your projects are not only delivered to the highest standard but also on time and within budget.

Certainty of outcome

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond providing high-quality road construction services. We’re all about the certainty of the outcome.

We’ll save you money where we can

We don’t just deliver on our promises, we’ll also do our best to save you money, letting you know where you can reduce costs without compromising quality.

Commitment to quality

We are driven by a relentless commitment to quality – in our people, our equipment, and the services we provide. We are proud of our transparent culture, where quality work is recognized and everyone’s performance is valued. This shines through in the work we produce

Get in touch with our Roads team today

Whether you’re a professional in our field looking to embark on a truly rewarding career, an existing client who wants to get started on a new project or you’re a potential client looking to learn more — get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you.