Creek Diversions and Levees

Creek Diversions and Levees

Protecting environment, community & projects

We’ve been diverting creeks and building levees for over 50 years, ensuring waterways continue their flow without compromising infrastructure or the surrounding environment.


Our expertise

Creek diversions are more than just redirecting water; they’re about understanding the land, the flow, and the long-term effects on the ecosystem. With our rich history in bulk earthmoving and civil construction, we provide an all-encompassing approach to every creek diversion project we complete. Constructing levees requires meticulous planning, solid engineering, and a thorough understanding of hydrodynamics, as well as a team on the ground who can be counted on to do the job right – and this is all where we excel.

Creek Diversions and Levees

Scope of capabilities

Our experience spans across all terrains and ecosystems in Australia. We don’t just redirect water. Our creek diversion and levee services offer so much more.

  • Site evaluation and topographical mapping
  • Soil and erosion control measures
  • Bulk earthmoving to carve out new pathways
  • Rehabilitation of the old creek paths
  • Installation of preventive infrastructure to safeguard against erosion
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the new waterway paths
  • With the largest civil earthmoving fleet in Australia, we can handle any sized project
  • Our skilled team ensure efficient and eco-conscious and environmentally friendly results
  • We can even engage and collaborate with the local community and cultural stakeholders.
  • Precision engineering: our levees are built to the highest standard, ensuring they effectively prevent floods and protect communities, infrastructure and reputation.
  • Tailored solutions: every site and project has its own unique need. We work with you to design levee projects that suit the specific terrain, water flow patterns, and environmental factors for the job at hand.
  • Integrated management: owning all of our equipment and employing all of our own people means that we’re in complete control, ensuring quality, speed, and reliability.
  • Environmental sensitivity: constructing levees requires a careful balance of engineering, operational precision and environmental care. Our team is experienced in exactly this.

Why choose QBirt for your Creek Diversions and Levees project?

On time, on budget

Creek diversions require precise timing and planning. We make sure your project is delivered on time and within the budget without any hidden surprises.

Certainty of outcome

When you work with Q Birt, you’re not just getting a contractor; you’re partnering with seasoned experts who do what they say they will. We own our own plant, employ our own people, and have the control over the outcome, along with the experience, to get the job done as promised.

We care about environmental, social and cultural responsibility

Your reputation isn’t the only thing that’s on the line when it comes to creek diversions. We pride ourselves on our environmentally-friendly practices and aim to leave every site better than we found it. We’re also experienced in working with communities and cultural stakeholders.

Experienced and committed to quality

With over 50 years of experience and a highly qualified team — across our engineers, managers and operators, our team produce quality work. We’re relentlessly dedicated to quality, and this shows in every project we complete. We’ll get it done to a quality, reliable standard that you can count on.

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