Flood protection

Flood protection

Protecting communities and infrastructure

With changing weather patterns and unpredictable climates, flood protection is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Drawing upon our extensive experience in earthworks and drainage, we are at the forefront of creating quality flood protection solutions across Australia.


Our expertise

Our legacy in bulk earthmoving and civil construction equips us with a unique insight into the land. We recognise that effective flood protection isn’t just about building barriers — it’s about understanding the site, the water flow, and the broader system.

Flood protection

Scope of capabilities

With the largest civil earthmoving fleet in Australia and a large in-house team of engineers, managers and operators, we are able to handle flood protection projects of any size and complexity. From planning to execution, we take a holistic approach.

  • Comprehensive flood risk assessments and strategic planning.
  • Design and construction of levees, flood walls, and flood gates.
  • Integration of flood protection systems with existing infrastructure and natural terrain.
  • Sustainable solutions that protect projects, infrastructure, assets, environment and communities.

Why choose QBirt for your Flood protection project?

Strategic solutions

We don’t just move dirt; we strategise. Our flood protection solutions are built on planning and a deep understanding of the terrains we work with.

Integrity, reliability, and certainty

Our reputation stands on delivering as promised, without the common tendency to adjust scope and costs midway. We may not always be the cheapest at the start, but we usually are by the end.

Collaborative approach

Your project isn’t just another job for us; it’s a collaboration. We’ll work with you to get a good outcome for all.

We care about social, cultural and environmental responsibility

Your reputation isn’t the only thing that’s on the line when it comes to flood protection. You can rest assured that we value the cultural, environmental and social responsibilities and will do a quality job that benefits all stakeholders.

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