Tailings Dams

Tailings Dams

Solid foundations for mining projects

We specialise in tailings dam projects that require bulk earthmoving. We recognise that these structures are not just about containing mining by-products; they represent our commitment to the environment and operational efficiency. So we blend environmental responsibility with operational efficiency and cultural sensitivity for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Our expertise

We’ve been managing, and delivering on big projects throughout Australia, day in, day out, for 45 years. Our expertise in tailings dam projects ranges from bulk earthmoving to dam construction, operation, project management and community and cultural engagement.

Tailings Dams

Scope of capabilities

In everything we do, we’re committed to your deadlines, scope, and social and cultural factors.

  • Dam construction: we construct and raise tailings dams with reliable quality and within project requirements, as a baseline.
  • In-house fleet and operators: we don’t rely on third parties. By owning our machinery, and employing our staff, we ensure timely, cost-effective, and high-quality execution.
  • Project management: We’re not just workers; we’re project managers as well. From start to finish, we manage and execute your project, and we do it well.
  • Community and cultural engagement: as we work on these critical structures, we promote harmony with local and indigenous communities, engaging and collaborating for a win-win outcome. We’re committed to meeting environmental, social and cultural responsibilities.

Why choose QBirt for your Tailings Dams project?

Integrity, reliability, and certainty

Our reputation stands on delivering as promised, without the common tendency to adjust scope and costs midway. We may not always be the cheapest upfront, but we usually are by the end.

Collaborative approach

Your project isn’t just another job for us; it’s a collaboration. We treat your resources with the same care as our own.

We care about environmental, social and cultural responsibility

Your reputation isn’t the only thing that’s on the line when it comes to tailings dams. You can rest assured that we value these things for what they are and will do our part to reduce your project’s footprint.

Experience counts

Our team knows tailings dams inside and out. This experience leads to timely, cost-effective, and reliable outcomes, time and again.

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