High-quality construction project delivery

Bulk earthworks, civil construction, road, rail and mining projects, managed and delivered in-house from start to finish, safely, on time and on budget.

What we do

We’ve been doing this day in, day out since 1973.

What sets us apart

Civil construction, mining, and bulk earthworks managed completely in house

What sets us apart in the civil construction industry is that we own all of our own plant and manage and deliver projects in-house.

What we build

We do what we say we'll do, on time, and on budget, every time.

Delivering for 50 years

The QBirt Story

QBirt, also known as Q H & M Birt, has been successfully delivering civil construction projects for more than 50 years.

We employ all of our own people. We own all of our own plant. Our team is highly skilled and experienced.

At QBirt, we work on some of the biggest civil construction projects in Australia, and we’re proud to attract the very best to work with us.

We’ve been doing this day in, day out for decades, and this is reflected in the quality of our outcomes.

We believe in doing right by our clients

There are no surprises when you work with us. We do what we say we will, for the price we commit to, and within the timeframes we promise.

Our work is always the very best in quality and predictability because it’s done in-house by our own experienced team and our own plant. 

We value our clients’ money as if it were our own and take a collaborative approach to getting the best outcomes for all. It’s one of our main strengths.

So when you work with us, you get a partner that you can rely on for high-quality project delivery, from start to finish. 

And doing right by our team

We’re committed to providing a sustainable, safe workplace with a safety culture. 

We also understand the need for employees to enjoy a positive work-life balance, and that this requires flexibility.

Our employees get the flexibility to truly enjoy their work. They get the opportunity to fulfil their potential through fast-tracked career progression, training and up-skilling. They quickly become a valued member of a high-functioning team, where their contribution is essential to project success. 

These things are why we have so many long-term team members.

Why work with us

What you can expect when you choose QBirt for your project


QBirt was founded by Quentin Birt, who has been in the business of contracting since 1973. We’re one of the only contractors that still embraces the historical business values of integrity, honesty, and reliability. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. When we commit to a price, we stick to it. We’ll always do right by you because we believe that’s the way that business should be.


When you choose QBirt for your project, you can depend upon a quality output. We pride ourselves on the consistent quality of our work and our team of experienced experts at every level.

Certainty of outcome, delivery on time

Employing all of our own team members and owning all of our own fleet means that you get a whole lot of certainty for your project. There are no unexpected delays or surprises because we manage everything in-house.​


We are honest, open, communicative and keep you in the loop with your project.

Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to cultural preservation, environment and sustainability. We take the environment, culture and community seriously and do all that we can to ensure we operate for the benefit of all.


Seeking “value for money” for our clients at every opportunity, eliminating waste or unnecessary costs, seeking “win-win” outcomes to the challenges that inevitably arise on large, complex construction projects


Safety is so much more to us than a box to tick for compliance. We instil a culture of safety and ensure it takes priority in every project, because, to us, people always come first. 

Our secret is in our team

Our people are the best in the business

From our management team, project administrators and head office staff, engineers and surveyors through to our plant operators, machinery workshop staff and HSE advisors, we take a huge amount of pride in our team.

We do end-to-end project management and delivery of major construction projects across Australia, and have a large team of experts that make this possible.

We’re proud to say that we attract the best to work with us.

Working for QBirt

What our team enjoys about working for QBirt

Why work for QBirt?

Are you looking for a rewarding career where you are appreciated and rewarded? Here’s why you’ll want to join our team.


We deliver some of the biggest civil construction projects in Australia. Our people derive a great deal of satisfaction from the projects they work on, often challenging projects with tight timeframes. We get plenty of repeat work too — over half of our projects are from repeat clients.


We have the largest civil earthmoving fleet in Australia, which is modern, and well-maintained. We have the most scrapers in the southern hemisphere and wouldn’t be surprised to find we were keeping some machinery businesses in business.


When you work for QBirt, you’re surrounded by the very best in the field. We’re very transparent in terms of output and performance, and the quality of work of every member of our team is seen, celebrated and appreciated. A career with us is one where you’ll be proud of every project you’ve worked on. Whether you’re one of our engineers, managers, operators, or administrators, you’ll be working with the best.


Our collaborative, relationship-focused approach creates a real culture of quality and respect, where great work is recognised and appreciated. Our team values us and the work we do, and we value each and every one of our people just as much. We value and prioritise your safety and well-being, and we celebrate and reward your contribution.

Working Conditions

There is a lot of autonomy and opportunity within our team, as well as a lot of collaboration. You'll love the experience, knowledge, personal and professional growth that comes from working as part of a high-functioning team to overcome challenges and make a tangible impact to the works that are unfolding on-site. With a modern fleet and a multi-skilled team, you’ll be an integral part of a very big picture, work on some great projects, and get recognised for your ability.


At all roles and stages within our team, our people benefit from an accelerated career path. You don’t have to climb the ladder or deal with workplace politics; you’ll be promoted as fast as your ability allows. Examples of this progression include Graduate Engineers that are now Senior Project Managers, Operators that are now HSE Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Trainers and Surveyors, Labourers that are now HSW Advisors and Apprentices that are now Workshop Managers.

Delivering projects right across Australia

We have team members all over Australia and fly our personnel to our sites from all major airports. This means that we can deliver projects all over Australia, from remote to metro.

Trusted by some of the biggest companies in Australia

Get in touch with our leading civil construction team today

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