Mine Infrastructure

Mine Infrastructure

Solid foundations for mining projects

We’ve been involved in some of the biggest mining infrastructure projects across Queensland and the Northern Territory requiring bulk earthworks. For us, it’s not just about moving earth, it’s about shaping the future of each mining project.


Our expertise

We combine old-school work ethics with our own state-of-the-art machinery fleet and team of expert project managers and operators to deliver mine infrastructure tasks that make a difference in project outcomes. From bulk earthmoving, groundwork and infrastructure to the actual mining operations, our team has been doing this, and doing it well for 47 years.

Mine Infrastructure

Scope of capabilities

We don’t just focus on moving and preparing dirt. We can complete the entire project. 

  • Bulk earthmoving: with one of the largest civil earthmoving fleets in Australia and our in-house team of experienced operators, we’re in the business of prepping and reshaping terrains.
  • In-House Plant Operations: By owning our fleet, maintaining it meticulously, and employing all of our own operators, we cut out the middleman. This reduces uncertainty and streamlines operations, ensuring timely and efficient project delivery. 
  • Mine Operations: we go beyond preparation. We roll up our sleeves and get into the actual mining too. Our hands-on approach means we can take care of your waste movement, ore transportation, and delivery to processing plants.
  • End-to-end project management: our team takes pride in not just doing the work but also managing.

Why choose QBirt for your Mine Infrastructure project?

We’ll save you money by avoiding delays

For us, delivering a project on scope isn’t an exception. It’s a rule. Fewer links in the chain mean fewer chances for hiccups. By managing both work execution and project oversight, we are able to promise delivery outcomes. We commit to a price and time and then deliver that.

Environmental and cultural respect

While we reshape terrains, we maintain a respect for environmental, cultural, and work quality values.

We collaborate and add value

Our relationships with clients are built on collaboration. By being involved early, especially in design and constructability reviews, we bring unmatched value to each project.

Committed to quality

We blend traditional work ethics with cutting-edge machinery for peak efficiency and quality.

Get in touch with our Mine Infrastructure team today

Whether you’re a professional in our field looking to embark on a truly rewarding career, an existing client who wants to get started on a new project or you’re a potential client looking to learn more — get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you.